CARES Act and Motorola Educational Promotions

How the CARES Act affects two-way radio planning

During the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, the government allotted approximately 13.2 billion of the $30.75 billion of the educational stabilization fund within the CARES Act for the ESSER Fund (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund). State Educational Agencies (SEA’s) are awarded these grants in order to provide local education agencies (LEA’s), including LEA charter schools, with emergency relief funds to address the continuing impact of the virus on elementary and secondary schools.

The other two grants, HEER (Higher Education Relief Fund) and GEER (Governor’s Emergency Education Fund) are supplying $14.25 Billion and $3 Billion dollars respectively.

In total, the government’s department of education is providing a stimulus plan of around $30.75 billion to the education sector.

These funds are able to be applied towards eligible student meal plans, long-term closure expenses, mental health services, and supports many other uses. Your schools can utilize these grants for the long-term safety and security of your student bodies.

You can allocate a part of these funds to renovated radio communication systems as well camera and security systems, such as Avigilon. This grant money can help increase safety and speed up response times in emergency situations.

Motorola Solutions is currently working in step with these grants to help ease the expense of replacing and upgrading currently aging or even outdated push to talk communications.


Motorola Educational Promotions

The grant can be applied by state agencies in all 50 states and territories, and Motorola has several active promotions that are designed to help push your grant money further.

Currently, they are offering trade-in discounts for older radios to move into newer digital two-way radios. The trade-in is offered in bundles of 10 units, and the models included in this promotion are:

VX-261 | $15/unit ($150 total)

SL300 | $30/unit ($300 total)

CP200D | $40/unit ($400 total)

XPR 7350e | $120/unit ($1,200 total)

XPR 7550e | $120/unit ($1,200 total)

XPR 5350e Mobile | $40/unit ($400 total)

XPR 5550e Mobile | $40/unit ($400 total)


In addition, there are rebates on select Motorola models which do stack with the above trade-in offer.

SL300 | $12 rebate per radio

CP200D | $15 rebate per radio

XPR 3300e | $25 rebate per radio

XPR 3500e | $25 rebate per radio


We will make it simple for you to process either promotion by including the trade-in discount at purchase as well as assisting after the purchase to earn the rebate from the manufacturer.

Click here to view Motorola’s education promotional flyer.


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To download a PDF copy of the ESSER FAQs provided by the education department, Click Here